Other Projects…

I have done a great number of projects that I could fill all day. I won’t bore you or fill up my site with 100’s of posts, but I can sum up a great deal of them right here. Remember this can date back all the way to 2006. That’s how long I’ve been doing this for!

Various Projects

  • Unannounced documentary scheduled for 2017
  • Emorangers NA Forums
  • Gaming Revolution Radio
  • PC Master Race Radio (PCMR radio)
  • indiecore radio
  • indiecore.fm
  • ContentZero productions
  • Boy Named Sally
  • ruffi0
  • Sync2Picture
  • Different Colors D-PAN/AT&T Music Video
  • Legal Tech for a 2016 Lawsuit
  • Back to Iraq: A Rakkasans Music Documentary
  • Nagazi Music Video
  • Arvella Imports Site Design/Development
  • Child Care Website Design
  • ForumFire & KittyFire Networks (phpbb/wordpress hosting)
  • phpBBHS custom development
  • WordPress custom development
  • Joomla! custom development
  • 2006-Today

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